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The Seventh Level Blues


These words were penned c 2004 (after considerable prompting from a dear friend) in response to a contest request from the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame for songs depicting scenes from Canada's  mining life. Needless to say it did not win, nor even receive honorable mention. But it is included here because it really does capture the mood of the mine and the bunkhouse and the guys therein at the middle of the 20th century.


The Seventh Level Blues


Ode to a 1960 Hard Rock Gold Mine


(Written in the style of and to be sung to the typical four chord blues tune)


On waking up this morning

I just fumbled with my shoes;

Take a message to the Captain

I got the seventh level blues.



I've got the seventh level blues

Just drill and blast and muck all day,

I've got the seventh level blues

Just dream about my bonus pay,

I've got the seventh level blues

Just gotta change my life someday.


Living in a bunkhouse,

Poker took my car,

Can't be moving down the line

No silver in the jar.


This stope has gold aplenty,

Enough to make you cry,

Don't dare to take it home

Cause they'll catch you in the Dry.


When I reach the river

St. Peter will be kind,

He'll know on seventh level

I've already done my time.


Some advice for all you ladies

Take some pity on your man

If he's stuck on seventh level

With evil shifter "Stoper" Dan.


Now listen all young miners,

If you want to get ahead

Remember: love your cross shift,

Drilling bootlegs makes you dead.