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We Didn't Have the Finer Things In Life


" ...We had lot of vegetables by we didn't have the finer things in life. I was about, oh I'd say about 15 years old I think when I saw my first orange and I was about 17 or 18 when I saw my first banana. Christmas time those times you'd get well maybe two or three pieces of candy in your old sock if it didn't have any hole in the toe so they would fall out. If it did you took a piece of sticker or safety pin and hooked it together so it would hand together and keep the things in - you get maybe four or five pieces of candy and you might get an apple or something like that in your sock for Christmas. But we didn't get the things we got today. We would have a little special to eat at Christmas time but we had lots of food such as potatoes and carrots and beats and all those vegetables and things but we did not have no finer things in life. I never saw a bottle of pop until I was, oh what would I say, maybe 15 years old before I saw a bottle of pop. Well, in them times they only had what they called ginger ale; they didn't have any other type of pop made like they have today, they had ginger ale. So we go by on the harder things in life..."