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Hi Janet and Hi Ann - This is Grampy


"...Hi Janet and HI Ann - this is Grampy! I'm going to make you each a tape tell you all the stories I used to tell you when you were kids and see how many you remember and how many you've  forgotten.  I'm making both these tapes at one time so both tapes will be identical so that you can't catch me in a lie. Because even though I don't tell lies but if both tapes are the same there is no way you can catch me in a lie because those tapes would be identical. But if I made them at different times and happened to get one a little different from the other and then you compared them, well you'd say on one of the tapes 'Well, that a big lie because he didn't tell me the same as he told you!' you see. So I'm making them both the same and I'm going to tell you all the stories when I was a kid and what happened to me right straight through but I'm going to put them on tape and you'll have them to keep. ..."