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The Wolf Dream


Dreams tend to be very individualistic. Most of us dream often, many have recurring dreams, and a few of us have the odd dream that we may have only had once, but one that stays with us forever. Such was my dream of the wolf.


It was 1964 and I and a partner had spent most of the summer doing recon geology in Northern Manitoba . Along about the first of September we found ourselves on Shethanei Lake on the Seal River west of Churchill. On the way back to camp one quiet evening we were surprised to hear a wolf howling on the prominent esker bisected by the lake. Howling wolves being a new experience for both of us, we pulled the canoe on shore and took a short walk looking for wolves. The best we were able to do were a few tracks, an few old scats, and an old abandoned den.


Returning to camp we got supper, undertook the necessary camp chores, and hit the sack in anticipation of another early morning and full day. After what turned out to be a couple hours of sleep, I was suddenly “conscious” of a weight across my chest, a weight which was also pinning down my right arm. The weight, I gradually came to “realize”, was the result of a wolf which had its front paws across my chest as it stared intently, but not menacingly, into my sleeping face.


Try as I might, I could not move my right arm to throw the wolf off my chest. My struggles obviously became vocal as my tent mate finally woke me up and asked what was wrong. As reality returned the picture of the wolf was clearly imprinted upon my conscious memory, and I related the events of the past minute or so to my tent mate. Interestingly, my right arm felt as tired as if it had in reality been unsuccessfully trying to move a heavy object. Other than my dignity, all else was well, and we both quickly fell back to sleep.


Although it has never been forgotten, the dream has never reoccurred. Its significance, for those who believe in such things, and if indeed it had any, has not yet been revealed. I continue to wait for a sign.