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The Little Girl and the New Moon


"... ...Now the next one is The Little Girl and the New Moon. It showed the picture in the book this little girl was setting in the window night after supper when it started coming dark and she had her chin in her hands as she was gazing out the window and up in the sky you could see the new moon and he mother was there by the table washing dishes. So the little girl was about, oh, 5 or 6 years old, and this was a little poem that she said:


She said:


Dear Mother, how pretty the moon looks tonight, it was never so kind before

With two its little horns that sharpen so bright, I hope it dont grow any more.

If I were up there with you my friend, I rock as a cradle youd see,

Id sit in the middle and hold by both ends, oh what a nice cradle would be!

We would call for the stars to keep out of our way, unless we should rock over their toes

And wed rock and wed rock until the dawn of the day to see where the pretty moon goes. ... ..."