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Goldilocks and the Three Ducks


    "... ...The first story I’ll read to you is one that's called Goldilocks and the three ducks and I’ll tell you this story. You know who Goldilocks is, she is a little girl with golden hair and blue eyes and there are many stories made up about her. So this one is about Goldilocks and three ducks. She lived alone way back in the woods in the log cabin with her mother and she didn't have any little girls or any little boys to play with. But near her home there was a nice little pond that she used to have to go swimming. It was a nice little place to swim, the brook run in the pond and run out and the water was always fresh. And in the summer time she’d go in that pond about every afternoon and she'd go swimming. And so one day she went to the pond and she got there there was three little ducks there – there was a black duck, and then there was a yellow duck, and then there was a white duck. So they knew who she was and they saw her coming and they hollered “Hi, Goldilocks! Come on in for a swim!” Goldilocks said “Ya, I’m going in for a swim”. And she had her swim suit on and so she went in for a swim and the ducks crawled up on her back and she took them all around in the pond and they swam there until they got tied. And when she got tired, well they crawled up on the bank and laid down in the sun and they dried their feathers off and dried their clothes off. So when it came about four o'clock in the afternoon Goldilocks said she had to go home because she had to help her mother get supper and she had some chores to do. So, the little ducks asked her if she’d come back and play with them again and she said yes and every afternoon during the summer when she could  she’d always go back to that pond and play with the little ducks. Well when it come cold weather and she didn't go swimming, why the little ducks had to go south where it was warm. So they told Goldilocks that they had to fly south and they said “We’ll see you in the spring!” Goldilocks said “Goodbye!". So then she went home and she didn’t see the ducks next spring because the ducks didn’t come back to that little pond. But she stayed there with her mother and she lived happily ever after.